Who are we?

We are 4 developers from London and Chicago that work in the liquidity providing sector (High Frequency Trading (HFT) to most of you) for a large non-bank liquidity provider.

Trade Tosser event signals are derived from segments of complex models, which are distilled down to signals anyone can trade with.

What is Trade Tosser?

Trade Tosser is a complex order-flow algorithm. It uses data from numerous exchanges (CME, ICE, 6x ECNs and an MTF) to derive volume and order flow for the Forex & Crypto market.

The algorithm runs short-term (around 2-4 traded per day) so there will be plenty of trades for day traders to capitalize on.

Risk is always kept very tight, a stop loss (SL) will be issued at the time the position is initiated. When the algorithm takes profit there will be a notification sent (email or audio) and the live position will adjust in the main window. This does mean you will need to check your email or listen out for the audio alerts. We are working on adding the major brokers to our API.

The Forex algorithms and the Crypto algorithms operate from 00:01am Monday GMT until Friday 21:50 GMT (all open positions will be closed out by 21:50 GMT each Friday). We know the Forex market opens 3 hours before our algorithm will activate orders this is due to the nature of the order-flow data collection we need to carry out.

Why are we doing this?

Day traders especially those with fairly small accounts struggle to look at the bigger picture they are geared towards a shorter time-frame, but they are unable to benefit from the sub-second world of high-frequency trading due to their cost model, distance from the exchanges and the lack price discovery capability.

We have spent years working in the development teams of the high-frequency liquidity providers. This algorithm is a smoothened glimpse of that world, allowing anyone with a Forex or Crypto trading account to join in the trading action.

We trade all the signals ourselves; we are constantly working on the algorithms to improve the long-term return on investment. We firmly believe that this information can be passed to the retail trading sector without it impacting our return on equity. So far, we have been proved correct, a polar opposite thinking to the industry we are working in.

Please do NOT ask how the algorithm works, the codebase proprietary we are sharing the ‘event signals’ in real time that's all.

What are the costs?

Each user pays 15€ per month, that's it. This gives access to all the live trades and all the historical trade data. The processing power needed to aggregate all the providers is very costly. Each new user adds CPU load. Your 15€ is a partial contribution towards the CPU and data costs.

If you cancel your subscription access is revoked at the end of the subscription period. Stripe will take your payment each month on the day you joined, if you miss this payment date access is revoked (more details can be found on your subscription status in the settings section).

You must have an active subscription to receive the service.

Why the name?

Everyone is so serious with names like ‘Orbital Capital’, ‘Algotronix’ or ‘Starship Trading’ the bottom line is we all just want an ‘event signal’ to trade that works. Let’s keep it simple.

Can I auto-copy Trade Tosser?

You can connect to our API, the documention to our socket is here:


You can fetch the api key in your settings page.

What Forex/Crypto pairs does your algorithm track?

EURUSD Euro/US Dollar
BTCUSD Bitcoin/US Dollar
USDJPY US Dollar/Japanese Yen
GBPUSD British Pound/US Dollar
AUDUSD Australian Dollar/US Dollar
USDCAD US Dollar/Canadian Dollar
USDCHF US Dollar/Swiss Franc
EURGBP Euro/British Pound
NZDUSD New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar
AUDJPY Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen
GBPJPY British Pound/Japanese Yen
GBPAUD British Pound/Australian Dollar
AUDNZD Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
USDMXN US Dollar/Mexican Peso
ETHUSD Ethereum/US Dollar
EURCAD Euro/Canadian Dollar
EURJPY Euro/Japanese Yen
USDTRY US Dollar/Turkish Lira
USDZAR US Dollar/South African Rand
XRPUSD Ripple/US Dollar

Will you be adding anymore assets?

Highly unlikely for 2 main reasons data distribution costs, but more importantly we look at the cross exchange opportunity this is how we derive our alpha. Many of the commodity classes are single exchange. This is the same with equity index markets.

How can I contact Trade Tosser?

You can either chat with us live , or mail us at support@tradetosser.com